James Franco destroying a room. I laughed until i cried.

Well. Most honest PSA i’ve ever seen. “Fuck YOU, what about ME!” Fantastic.

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Mashup of the Day: The Disney princesses / Sucker Punch trailer mashup you knew was coming took its sweet time getting here but has finally arrived so watch it.


this is RAD! i am actually totally psyched for sucker punch even tho it’ll probably be a hot mess, but i want this version even more.

Agreed (on all counts)!  Watching this just made me say, out loud, “The Internet is WONDERFUL.”

YES! Sucker Punch looks ridiculously horrible. Where’s this movie?

Because Arthur is a man of refined taste, thank you. Fischer just wants to ~let go~

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“One Man Disney Movie” Nick Pitera 

IS THIS GUY REAL?! BZUH! The range! New hero! I just—Does he—Book him! In concert! WDW right now!

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OMG the plaid kid.

And the whole time (if you didn’t read the title on it cuz i’m oblivious) you’re like “What is this advertising? Dance or a school of some kind?” It’s clothing. I don’t even know anymore.

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R.I.P. Ryan Dunn… 1977-2011 (by officialdickhousetv)

After almost two weeks of grieving, crying, and insomnia, this has made me smile and tear up only just a bit. For a guy I’d never met. A guy I’d never even THOUGHT about meeting.

But that’s the special thing about the Jackass crew. Watching them all being themselves (for better or worse) and sticking together for 11yrs, you felt like you had met them already. That, oddly, those were your friends up on the screen for you to shake your head at. An adopted family brought together by wreckless stupidity, but also laughter and heart.

Since I was 15, I’ve done this thing where I unconsciously reach my hands out towards the screen when one of the guys were hit, catapulted, run over, zapped, tripped, bitten, set on fire, etc. I don’t know why i did it. As if I could catch them; soften the blow; pick them back up.

I have a soft spot for everyone, but Ryan and Bam would especially get my watchful eye. Ryan’s sense of humor never failed to bruise my sides, and Bam always seemed the quintessential baby brother of the group. Together, they were one of the few forces that could make me laugh so hard tears ran down my pleasantly aching face. The true friendship shining underneath the antics made it all the better.

But now it’s gone. I couldn’t catch him. I obviously couldn’t even if I had known. I couldn’t soften the blow to Bam or pick him up when his strength to stand had faltered. Losing Ryan and his friend Zach in this way feels like a cosmic mistake. It’s the surreal feeling you get when you wake up flailing because the floor disappeared out from under you in a dream. It’s that split-second before you realize you’re safe in bed.

If it’s like this for me and other fans, i can only imagine how the persons who did get to know Ryan personally in this life are coping. It’s a comfort to know he was blessedly happy with life and love. His star could have risen so much higher with his talent—and was perhaps steps away from going in the direction—but in the end he was content doing exactly what he wanted. 

Ryan took pieces of everyone with him when he left; small holes that can never be filled. But maybe—just maybe—now he can be the mustache-tattooed hands to catch the others when they fall. Rest easy, Random Hero. This isn’t truly a goodbye.

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This is pure magic. Tom beat boxing and flowing while holding bb Louis in a nanny sack.

It’s KRS One’s HipHop v. Rap.

The kid’s face. Like this happens ALL the time. Fantastic, sir.

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Ryan keeping himself entertained by pulling Bam’s leg hair.

Friends entertain each other in the weirdest ways.

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Sherlock Holmes 2 A Game of Shadows Trailer 2011 HD (by ECCWii)

I need new pants. omg


LITHIUM by Nirvana
Hit RECord At The Movies — Seattle

Getting to do this made me untellably happy.  Thank you to the 800+ (folks were standing in the back!) at the Neptune Theater tuesday night.  Thank you to Seattle.  Thanks to Nirvana.  Thanks to all my friends in my head.

btw, if you were there that night, contribute your records here, or if you weren’t there, just check out the records from people who were.

Also btw, we’re doing another show in LA soon.

I love this one. I’ll be the first to tell you i love and admire Jiggle to death, but his singing fluctuates between decent and mehhhhh. Usually it’s because he seems to think his natural voice is deeper than it is (unlike the higher register you hear when he’s relaxed or excited or his real voice “cracks” into his speech) and therefore he should sing lower notes, but his range isn’t comfortable there. 

This song, once he got more comfortable and into it, was a great example. The rough, higher tones on the bridge were beautiful in a way. But anyway, this tenor range here is his sweet spot. The forte notes or scratchy-yelling (i failed more of the terminology, okay?) he recently did on a radio show with Twist & Shout was also enjoyable. Although, my favorite of his will always be Major Tom (Coming Home).


I sorta assumed (and I still do) that everyone’s already seen this, but I’m gonna go ahead and post it anyway just to cut down my submission inbox by, like, half. ;-p

Funny enough to probably merit a re-watch, anyways.

I lol’d. Feel like posting this to everyone who defends Cheetara’s outfit because “omg she needs mobility!”

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